to rant further, apparently having bipolar disorder is simply too much, nope, healthcare wants no part of that. clearly that’s my fault so i’ll work on that! i love you all, though, thank you <333

where are you in canada, cro? canada seems pretty welcoming overall, bless all of you. fangirl house? everyone is invited!

  1. raemcg said: ugh thats terrible, I’m sorry honey
  2. thetalkingcrocus said: I live in Alberta :) and I’m sorry healthcare people are being butts D:
  3. jakeberensonisbroken said: What health care are you trying for? Because I have two friends who are bipolar and their healthcare covers them? I’m sorry they’re being douches to you.
  4. badgerjaw said: augh fucking assholes. *huggles*
  5. tyrianterror said: no come to me and shorms part of canada!
  6. usethoseinstincts said: that is such bullshit - I’m sorry :(
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